How To Make Espresso


How To Make Espresso

Simple steps on How To Make Espresso

This article gives home simple steps on how to make espresso at home.  For those who enjoy a quality cup of coffee, it can be hard to find a great cup of gourmet coffee.  If you’re lucky enough to know a perfect coffee shop, your lucky!  But it isn’t actually as difficult as you may think to make espresso (great coffee!) from your own kitchen.

Below are my simple steps to show you how to make espresso at home that you can enjoy.

Quality beans

To make espresso you must have fresh, whole beans to get the best flavor.  Check when the beans were roasted and find ones that were done within the last week.


To make the best espresso, you will need your own coffee grinder.  Many outlets offer a service to grind your beans, but this accelerates the speed at which they go stale.  Beans should be ground freshly immediately before you make espresso coffee.


The beans must be stored correctly.  They need to be in an airtight container, as air oxidizes the coffee and it will quickly get a very bitter taste.  A plastic or ceramic storage container with a seal is best, as storing in a metal contain will add a metal taste to the coffee beans – not good!  Finally, store at room temperature, not in the fridge or freezer, so they are ready to make espresso as you need them.

Coffee machine

The type of coffee maker you use will have a significant impact on the way you make espresso!  However, even the most basic espresso machine will be capable of making quite good coffee along as all other steps are followed (like using freshly ground, quality bean).  Proper care of the coffee machine is also important.  It must be cleaned regularly to prevent unpleasant tastes building up inside.  A deep clean should be done every few weeks by using a combination of 10% white vinegar to 90% water.

Good water

Tap water usually contains chlorine and this, along with other minerals,  will leave a poor taste in the coffee.   To make espresso with the best results, use bottled water to make espresso.


Use the right quantity of coffee beans each time.  While this varies between machines and coffee beans, a general rule of thumb is 17 grams for a double shot and 8 grams for a single shot.  Tip – but some digital scales and weight the beans out to ensure consistency between brews.  To make espresso should take 30 seconds.  The time taken to extract is a combination of the fineness of grind (finer grind will take longer to extract), pressure of the tamp (how hard you press the coffee grinds into the puck) and the amount of coffee grinds you use.  Some of the more advanced machines also allow you to vary the pressure of the water flow.

Make espresso

There is no single rule for this as it’s trial and error.  Each coffee machine is different, and even different coffee beans will soak with the water at different rates, resulting in a different rate of extraction.  Generally, the more fresh the beans are, the longer they will take to make espresso.  So if you’re beans are a bit old and stale, you will find they extract too fast and the coffee will taste bitter.

How To Make Espresso


Coffee should be delivered hot, so it’s just a little too hot to drink on arrival.  When you’re starting out a thermometer will be a huge help for making cafe late or cappuccino varieties.  Around 155 Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius) should be just right.

Hopefully these simply steps will help see you on your way to make espresso that an enjoyable experience!



How To Make Espresso

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